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Measuring your organisation's
culture and governance

By using our scientifically-based technology we steer you and your organisation towards more strategic decision-making.

Murmuration® Dashboard.

Our murmuration® dashboard allows you as leadership to view your high-level data and indicates the direction of travel of the your organisation and your strengths and weaknesses. You can also view your organisation’s murmuration® scores of cohesion, collaboration and agility.

Our assessment.

We assess your organisation’s governance and culture using our 36 statement, scientifically designed and validated survey instrument. Each statement is scored using two sliding scales and uses behavioural science and psychological techniques to obtain accurate data.

Strategic Priorities.

Using our AI technology, we can steer your leaders on their key strategic priorities, allowing precious resource to be focused and efficiently implemented. Our benchmarking tool also allows you, as an organisation, to see where you are on your governance maturity journey.

Interactive data.

Our interactive and AI driven technology allows your organisation to drill down into key aspects of its data. Discover the scores for each of your 27 governance indices and filter to investigate differences across your organisation.

Code Alignment.

Align your governance scores to corporate governance codes around the world. Drill down to discover how your organisation scores against the principles within these codes and identify the key indices that influence your compliance with these codes.

Get started.

CoSteer lets everyone know which way to fly.

The whole ethos of Bright Beginnings is of working together, as staff, as volunteers, as a Board, to support and build trusting relationships with the families we serve. We recognise that for our organisation to flourish, truly working together is crucial and through the Murmuration™ platform we have been able to see where we are doing well and where changes are needed and thus set goals which we can regularly reassess and modify.

Rachel Copeland   |  Director of Bright Beginnings

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