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Perrin Carey

11 September 2020 at 17:00:00

Integrity is an often mooted corporate value. It adorns the walls and websites of many organisations. The trouble is, businesses can't have integrity.

Compliance is a profession, which is guided by integrity.

I’ve said it before, I say it again, ‘Compliance’ are not business decision makers. We do not ‘vote’ on the direction businesses take, we can’t, but we are there to challenge, to advise and highlight the risks.

To use our knowledge, skills and experience with honesty, clarity and openness.
Herein lies our work and also our problem, our dichotomy and our vulnerability.

Let’s pause…

If ‘Compliance’ are not business decision makers, but as we know are held accountable, by regulators, for the decisions made, we have to trust those that make them. When we don’t, we have a problem, and in my experience, it’s our biggest exposure.

In these circumstances, we do have choices, we do have options; this is what I think they are:

Be firm and present your views clearly, for and on the record
Open yourselves to those who make decisions and declare both your position stance and the business’ vulnerability
Listen, respond and be supple to others’ opinions
Think, take time and then decide.

Remember, businesses can’t have integrity, only people can.

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