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CoSteer at Women in Public Life Guernsey

CoSteer at Women in Public Life Guernsey

Divya Mahendran

13 June 2023 at 09:45:00

A wonderful evening with wonderful people

'Perrin, you've been in to watch the States, haven't you? What did you think?'

From our CEO Perrin Carey,

"I was slightly nervous about this event, as whilst I do a lot of work with organisations, we have as yet only done a little work in the political arena...I needn't have worried 😊"

Thank you to Heidi Soulsby MBE and Andrea Dudley-Owen for your kindness in listening and responding to my thoughts and to Jennifer Nadel FRSA for your thought-provoking presentation 🙏

Many ideas and ways forward were mooted and I know that the team Women in Public Life Guernsey and Shelaine Green will be working hard to bring them together to support a better way for Guernsey politics."

Thank you for your kind invitation and the opportunity to share our perspective and thoughts on how can we practice and embed compassion in our politics and make Guernsey politics better for everyone.

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