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CoSteer event with Leadership Jersey

CoSteer event with Leadership Jersey

Divya Mahendran

19 September 2023 at 11:00:00

CoSteer's invitation to present its data, research and insight on Diversity and Inclusivity.

CoSteer's invitation to present its data, research and insight on diversity and inclusivity in leadership and culture within organisations and communities.

"Sharing our research at CoSteer®....'s one of my real favourite bits of doing the work we do!"

- Perrin Carey (Founder & CEO)

Grateful to Leadership Jersey - Kevin Keen and Jo Ferbrache for the invitation and to the amazing and wonderful panellists - Heidi Gibaut, Alexis Dolling, Kate Wright and Divya Mahendran who dared to share the stage. You all did brilliantly.

We also had the privilege of supporting the wonderful work of #TheButterflyEffect - cafe and hearing the powerful work they are doing to support survivors of childhood sexual abuse - Thank you, Cheyenne O'Connor 🙏

Thank you to the Jersey Financial Services Commission for sponsoring such an amazing event and the Jersey Evening Post for all their support.

Thank you to the Seymour Hotels of Jersey - The Pomme d'Or Hotel - for hosting us and for all the support from the Jersey Evening Post.

Thank you Delta Events ( Jersey & Guernsey ) for taking care of all the sound and tech systems throughout the event.

Thank you to everyone for coming and becoming a part of such a wonderful event!

“Organisations are complex systems and there is an interconnected web of relationships that exist within them.

Understanding those relationships within your organisation is the key to understanding which elements are the levers you should be investing in as a leader to develop agile, collaborative and resilient organisations fit for the uncertainty of now.”

Grateful to everyone for all the effort that went into making this event successful. Thank you 🙏

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