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CoSteer in Mauritius

CoSteer in Mauritius

Divya Mahendran

17 July 2023 at 11:45:00

CoSteer received an invitation to come and present at a business conference in Mauritius.

CoSteer received an invitation to come and present at a business conference in Mauritius organised by the Centre for Legal and Business Studies (CLBS) and the Comsure group.

We had a two-day conference that involved all the amazing international speakers from Asia, Africa, Mauritius, Dubai and the UK.

Leading on insightful topics like:

1. Cyber Resilience approach for financial crime
2. How to mitigate cyber risks & cybersecurity risk management
3. The current sanctions landscapes
4. Unravelling the complexity of digital money, blockchain and crypto
5. The Behavioural science of Compliance
6. Cyber Crime prevention practises

We also had some wonderful panel discussions on topics like white-collar crime, governance and compliance and board effectiveness.

Congratulations to all the speakers (Dr) Sheeba Armoogum, Anthony Flemmer, Jorge Azevedo, Steven Cockcroft, Dipty Gajadur, Herve Duval, Usaama Dauharry, Jessica Naga, Ashwind Soonarane, Naushad Khadun and Perrin Carey...

...for sharing such a beautiful perspective and understanding of compliance, cybercrime, economic crime prevention etc.

We at CoSteer® really enjoyed presenting our work and research and doing some fun social experiments on behavioural science and social conformity.

Grateful to the Centre for Legal and Business Studies (CLBS), Kevin Sibartie, CF and Shalini Ramyead Sibartie, Mathew Beale and Comsure Group for giving CoSteer® the opportunity to present its work and research and for leading the event so wonderfully...

...and for all your support and kindness.

It was a wonderful event in a beautiful country and stunning venue!

Also, thank you to Marriott International (Le Meridien Ile Maurice) for all the warmth and welcome and for the 24*7 help and support throughout the conference.

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