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2 May 2020 at 08:00:00

These last few months have tested us all, most notably governments, politicians and their advisers. Guernsey, a small jurisdiction with its own parliament, has shown tremendous strength in its governance.

Guernseytogether has been extraordinary.

It has been a beautiful illustration of community, of kindness and interestingly for me, governance.

Aside from the huge and sometimes overwhelming individual and organisational contributions and support that have been offered and given across our island, the leadership from our politicians and business and community leaders has been remarkable.

Governance is an often misunderstood concept, too easily cast aside, but it is integral to a coherent and forward looking society.

There are arguably three key elements that make up governance, and how well we manage each of these will determine its efficacy.

Implementation, and

Our journey towards better governance, our 'stride out' in the direction of 'doing things better, because it's better' will be led through authentic, open and compassionate leadership.

Leadership that welcomes challenge and candor from its employees and other stakeholders.
Leadership that invites failure as a possibility and rewards those that work hard to try the new, just because it might work.
Leadership that understands the significant role that risk management plays in sustainability and long-term growth.

Our government has led with transparency and openness, made clear and decisive decisions based on ‘hard fought’, valid information, and has instilled a community culture based on clear values resulting in a huge shift in collective behaviour. The benefits of which we are now seeing.

If ever there was a clear illustration of the importance of governance, the benefits of such and how it can lead to societal good and an enhancement of social capital, I see this as it.

Guernsey has placed itself very high on the list of jurisdictions that have managed this crisis with clear thinking, openness and compassion.

Well done, Guernsey 🇬🇬

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