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Perrin Carey

6 January 2021 at 16:00:00

Our relationships with others, within our organisations, our friendships and our families are all heavily influenced by our emotions.

I know this sounds an obvious statement, but how often do we really reflect upon this relationship…the disconnection between our emotions and how we respond to others.

According to research, whilst human relationships are complex our emotional response determines two possible actions: approach or avoid.

We now know, from the sciences of evolutionary psychology, neurobiology and behavioural science that belonging is the most fundamental need of all humans. The efficacy of our relationships, both at home and in the workplace, influence our physical and mental health as well as our performance.

Our ability to collaborate, to work together with our colleagues is an essential component of good governance. This is probably undisputed.

So we need to work harder, we need to develop our emotional intelligence to be able to improve the relationships between ourselves, with others and with our organisations.

This work will bring humanity back into our organisations, back into our society and will ultimately improve the performance of both.

It’s for the good of our species and our planet.

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