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The origins of our ideas

The origins of our ideas

Perrin CArey

24 February 2021 at 07:30:00

Ideas spread and if we want ours to spread, we have to make the choice to push them out there, to be courageous.

We all have points or periods in our lives where our ideas originated.

However, we are often hesitant to be courageous enough to either recognise or spread our ideas. Those are choices.

2009 was a year of origin for me. It was in this year that I joined Navitas, a company floated on the Australian stock exchange. A growing international education provider that was founded on clear and developing values.

2009 was also the year its UK operation began to face one of its toughest challenges. UK politics was changing, the ‘New Labour’ under Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown was coming to an end and in the following year a coalition government led by the Conservatives would be formed. The significant political conversation...immigration.

Navitas was about to find itself in a highly regulated industry, it would find itself battling with an unknown opponent - compliance.

2009 was the year I began developing, unsuspecting as I was of this at the time, the governance model I now use to support organisations; organisations who want to be supple, to be dynamic, to be sustainable and who wish to grow in the long-term; even in highly regulated sectors and global crises.

We all have origin stories...and we all have choices about what we do with them.

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