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Perrin Carey

20 April 2020 at 05:00:00

Of course, this has been pushed out many times over the last few months, however, what's also true is that those who can look to the long term are the ones who a likely to fail better.

The world has changed. In fact of course, the world has always been changing, it’s just that these last few months have seen an unprecedented shift away from what was our normal.

With change comes uncertainty,
With uncertainty comes fear, and
With fear comes vulnerability.

Organisations have found themselves largely at sea and, in some cases, will have also been found wanting. Their own vulnerability exposed, the old adage,

“It’s when the tide goes out that we find those who are not wearing any clothes”

...probably has real meaning here, as the current crisis exposes those organisations who have been running on the short term, rather than preparing for the long term.

Governance has been shifting since it first really came into modern being nearly 3 decades ago, but now more then ever, it’s going to be governance that helps us on our way out,

Through vulnerability,
Through our fear, and

Helps us embrace uncertainty with the promise is gives us.

Nothing is more certain, than uncertainty, but we do have a choice to make.

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