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What's your murmuration factor?

What's your murmuration factor?

Perrin Carey

12 January 2021 at 15:30:00

As I stood, looking out across the horizon, they came into view.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, Impossible to count with any certainty. A flock of starlings murmurating.

Any collective animal behaviour is fascinating to watch. It appears effortless and there is a beauty which seems to defy possibility.

Of course, there is a science behind this. Researchers in this area of animal behaviour have modelled these flocking events and have been able to explain both why and how these events occur.

What if, we could model this type of behaviour within our organisations?

What if, we could with both intention and design implement such a collaborative and cohesive framework?

What if, with clever modelling and understandings of governance, we could actually measure an organisation’s murmuration pattern?

We think you can.
We think, you can.

GOVindicia is a specifically designed governance assessment methodology, which places practicality, pragmatism and human-beings its centre.

Do you have?
Culture that defines a singularity and clarity of purpose.

Do you have?
Decision-making that is value-based, analytical and cohesive.

Do you have?
Implementation that promotes accountability, autonomy and avoids both collision and division.

These are the foundations of good governance.

Put another way,
if you want to steer your organisation well, and
have those within it align their steering with yours,
these are the things you need to do well.

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