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Our commitment to 

our community.

We commit to supporting the first seven years of life through our circular community funding project

Circular community funding.

Our concept of circular community funding tries to ensure that money from us begins a circle of sustainability and growth. 

Last year, we made no profit at all and at the same time donated over £6,000 to local children's charities through our beta-testing policy.

Oars4ACAuse with transparent with pink circles , CoSteer community work
A group of people toegther in aline with a sunset drop

Our Commitment.

We believe that the first seven years of life play a huge role in determining a child's direction and given that the children now will be the leaders of the future, the importance of getting this right is vital.


Making the circle.

Our Guernsey team of rowers, Oars4ACause, have been a wonderful example of how community can work together with business and add real value.


For example, in 2021 they raised over £3,000 for our charities through their charity rowathon.

Making the circle.

Oars4ACause Rowathon raising money for charity,  with pink and sea and boat and the team,CoSteer's community work
Guernsey Welfare Service with black and white with green person doodle , CoSteer's community work

Guernsey Welfare Service


They work with a variety of people who find themselves in financial need. This includes single-parent families, pensioners, people with disabilities or long-term medical conditions and families on low incomes who may find themselves with unexpected medical or household bills that put them in financial difficulty.

Bright BEginnings Children Centre with white and white with sun and children on the left , CoSteer's community work
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