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Leadership for everyone.

We all have the qualities of leadership within us and we are more than just our personality types and leadership styles.

You're more - ever shifting, ever-changing & ever-growing.

Development centred.

LeaderQ+ diagnostic is designed around the simple fact that we all have the capability to develop our leadership qualities.


We are not the sum of our personalities styles - we are the richness of our experiences, beliefs and values.


Leaders are not born, they are made. Physiological and psychological research is now showing how all aspects of our behaviours, skills and understandings of the world are much more open to change than we ever imagined.

We develop leaders we don't identify you.

Human at heart.

LeaderQ+ is our leadership diagnostic technology. It is not exclusive, it's inclusive. We may not all want to lead, but we all have the capability within us.


Our personality doesn't determine our potential, only our starting point. We are beautifully human and the plasticity of our brains make us wonderfully open and adaptable - we are all capable of huge growth.

A great leader first leads themselves with curiosity, compassion and courage.

Powered by AI.

LeaderQ+ has a powerful AI engine that supports our data analysis, however every single report that we produce is touched by a human.


At CoSteer, we see the benefits of utilising AI, however with our purpose and mission to re-humanise organisations and businesses, we also understand the critical role of humans.


Your report and the insightful strategies and nudges we provide you with will be human at its heart.

What's makes us different.

LeaderQ+ does not put you in buckets of introvert or extrovert. You're not an elephant or an ostrich, you are a human being with skills, capabilities and qualities.

Leadership is not an exclusive thing. It's not just for those that are perched at the top - it's something for all of us, something we can all be good at - especially at leading ourselves and our own lives.

We make no apology for being different - different is what makes us all human.

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LeaderQ+ has transformed the way that I see my own leadership. I used to think that I was a certain type of leader, however, I have come to realise that I lead differently in different circumstances and that has been so empowering.

Director   |  Consultancy and Advisory Firm

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CoSteer lets everyone know which way to fly.
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