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Measuring Culture.

Some would say that culture is intangible - and can't be measured. What you can measure though are the influencers and the outcomes of culture. 

Why is culture important.

Culture shifts and moves. It's constantly emerging from an almost infinite number of factors interplaying with each other.

Culture determines the way and nature of the choices and decisions we make everyday. So, if we consider governance - and the success of our organisations to be dependent upon the quality of these decisions - we can begin to see the power and influence of culture.

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What is culture.

Culture in its own right is perhaps meaningless. It's only when we can observe and see culture in relation to other aspects, such as the decisions we make or the way we communicate - then we can begin to understand what culture is.


Seth Godin says "People like us, do things like this". Which in our minds begs two questions.
Who are people like us? and, what do we do? 

A great starting place to observe and understand culture.

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How do we measure culture.

We approach culture as an integral element of of an organisation's growth and performance - but it's part of a wider system.


At CoSteer, we measure culture as part of this whole organisational system. We look at culture through the lenses of purpose, values and behaviours - by observing the quality of leadership, and by considering how human behaviours are aligned with values and ethics.  

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What's makes us different.

We are proud of our unique approach to the measurement of culture. It's this uniqueness that enables us to see and understand your culture and your organisation like never before.

By utilising AI and machine learning technology, along with our customisable survey design, we show you aspects of your culture, such as how collaborative you are, how inclusive you are and how agile you are. 

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Your report hits the nail on the head with our organisation’s strong culture and information scores and lower perceived effectiveness scores. We were already implementing more structure to our processes along with some Key Performance Indicators to improve our effectiveness, so this has been a refreshing endorsement of our approach

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