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Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity is powerless without Inclusion. Diversity allows us to be seen but Inclusion allows us to be heard.
They are inextricably interconnected.

Why is it important.

Diversity and inclusivity is essential to foster innovation and true human connection. We believe that by creating an environment that values different perspectives and experiences, we can encourage a wider mindset and ultimately achieve better results.


Research has shown that diversity enhances employee morale, reduces turnover rates, and attracts top talent, promotes better decision-making and resulting in a more productive and high-performing workforce. We believe that diversity is not only the right thing to do, but it's also essential for the success of any businesses or organisations.

What is Diversity and Inclusion.

We believe humans are at the centre of our organisations and our communities. Improve one and you improve the other.


Diversity and Inclusion are believed to impact the quality of governance. Diversity is opening the door and allowing different people to sit around the table, inclusion says you also have the right to speak, and you'll be heard.

How do we measure D&I.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are critical components of creating a successful and high-performing organisation.


We measure diversity and inclusion based on key elements, including psychological safety, trust, integrating differences, equity, openness and belonging. By focusing on these elements and by interconnecting governance and culture we can measure Inclusivity in any workplace that values the unique perspectives and contributions of all individuals.

What's different about us.

We are proud of our unique approach to the measurement of D&I. It's this uniqueness that enables us to see and understand your D&I and your organisation like never before.

By utilising AI and machine learning technology, along with our customisable survey design, we show you aspects of your culture, such as how collaborative you are, how inclusive you are and how agile you are. 

The whole ethos of Bright Beginnings is of working together, as staff, as volunteers, as a Board, to support and build trusting relationships with the families we serve. We recognise that for our organisation to flourish, truly working together is crucial and through the Murmuration™ platform we have been able to see where we are doing well and where changes are needed and thus set goals which we can regularly reassess and modify.

Rachel Copeland   |  Director of Bright Beginnings

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