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Mergers and Acquisitions.

There is a constant flow of change - merging, acquiring and shifting. We help you through these uncertain and opportunistic times with deep organisational insight.

How can it work positively.

Understanding where you are on any particular journey provides you with much needed clarity, however, measuring the progress of the IT integration, or the financials simply doesn't cut it anymore.


Really successful mergers are interested in people. Where are the people in relation to each other and to the overall aspiration. This is where CoSteer adds huge and powerful insight. With our technology and unique methodology, you can see each organisation like never before - you can accelerate towards each other, maximising your return on investment.

Mergers & Acquisitions.

Many industries are alive with this activity - one company merging with another. It's part of the nature of things, and the value comes from creating something better, something of greater value.

However, the large majority of mergers fail. Not because there is a lack of will, although sometimes this can be the case - it's really a lack of understanding. Leaders struggle to lead the integration, people are not onboard with the shift, and nobody knows where they are in relation to the change they're seeking to create - What if these were possible?

How do we measure M&A.

Imagine being able to see your people and their relationship in 2-dimensional space, in relation to each other. Observing the key differences and similarities between the merging organisations. Then over time watch as they draw together, or drift apart.

Our validated survey instrument and AI powered technology gives you this insight and capability. We provide you with hard data and quantifiable metrics to make key strategic decisions around where to focus your effort, your resource and your time.


What's different about us.

We are proud of our unique approach to the measurement of M&A effectiveness. It's this uniqueness that enables us to see and understand the transformation and your organisation like never before.

By utilising AI and machine learning technology, along with our customisable survey design, we show you aspects of your merger, such as how collaborative you are, how inclusive you are and how agile you are. 

The whole ethos of Bright Beginnings is of working together, as staff, as volunteers, as a Board, to support and build trusting relationships with the families we serve. We recognise that for our organisation to flourish, truly working together is crucial and through the Murmuration™ platform we have been able to see where we are doing well and where changes are needed and thus set goals which we can regularly reassess and modify.

Rachel Copeland   |  Director of Bright Beginnings

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