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Governance compliance.

The ever changing and ever moving. Governance is more than just principles and policies.
It drives your overall organisational system.

Why is it important.

In the pursuit of meeting regulatory requirements, we risk overlooking the very essence of what makes an organisation thrive—'the people.'

At CoSteer, we understand that governance is not only about compliance, but it encompasses the social and ethical aspects of an organisation that make it thrive. We believe that governance should prioritise the well-being of employees and foster a culture of creativity and innovation. By doing so, governance can strengthen the organisation's fabric and drive long-term success.

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What is Governance through our lens.

Governance, at its core, is about creating structures that enable organisations to function efficiently, ethically, and sustainably.

Instead of viewing governance as a set of rules to be followed, we should approach it as a system - a framework that empowers individuals to grow and excel. The key to shifting from compliance to performance - lies in the power of humanity within organisations.

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How do we measure Governance.

Measuring governance is critical for organisations to maintain transparency and accountability.


At CoSteer, we use a validated survey instrument and proprietary technology to assess governance practices.


With 27 factors and a systems thinking approach our rigorous measurement process enables our clients to implement best practices and identify areas for improvement.

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What's different about us.

We are proud of our unique approach to the measurement of governance. It's this uniqueness that enables us to see and understand the governance in your organisation like never before.

By utilising AI and machine learning technology, along with our customisable survey design, we show you aspects of your governance, such as how collaborative you are, how inclusive you are and how agile you are. 

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Your report hits the nail on the head with our organisation’s strong culture and information scores and lower perceived effectiveness scores. We were already implementing more structure to our processes along with some Key Performance Indicators to improve our effectiveness, so this has been a refreshing endorsement of our approach

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