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Transformational Change.

The world around us is constantly changing.
The truth is that we were never in control; we were just anxious. Understanding human behaviour is at the heart of resilient cultures and courageous leadership. 

Why is Change unavoidable.

Change is an inevitable and almost synomous to life and growth. There has never been a point in time where adaptability – the ability to deal with change – has been more essential. The new normal is not stagnant - it's shifting and moving all the time.


Change triggers a fear of loss. Staying in the 'not know' challenges what we know. By embracing change, by being open and remaining curious we create space for the unknown - which is essential towards growth and transformational change. 


If we are to truly harness the power of the people within our organisations, we as leaders need to understand that risk strategies and policies are not sufficient for the world of impermanence.

If we are to be able to respond to the uncertainty within our organisations with sound decision-making, collaborative team-working and supportive cultures, we need to develop organisations which create and nurture human resilience.

How do we measure Change.

We measure your organisational change accurately and efficiently. By using our own technology and survey instrument, and applying AI and ML, we are able to help you visualise your change in real-time.


Using complexity science and evolutionary psychology we help you towards where to steer your organisation's valuable time, money, resources and effort. Contact us to learn more about our services.

What's different about us.

We are proud of our unique approach to the measurement of change. It's this uniqueness that enables us to see and understand how your organisation is shifting and changing and allows you to see your organisation like never before.

By utilising AI and machine learning technology, along with our customisable survey design, we show you ways in which you can visualise your journey of change, such as how collaborative you are, how inclusive you are and how agile you are. 

The whole ethos of Bright Beginnings is of working together, as staff, as volunteers, as a Board, to support and build trusting relationships with the families we serve. We recognise that for our organisation to flourish, truly working together is crucial and through the Murmuration™ platform we have been able to see where we are doing well and where changes are needed and thus set goals which we can regularly reassess and modify.

Rachel Copeland   |  Director of Bright Beginnings

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