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The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse

Divya M

30 December 2023 at 09:00:00

Businesses and societies are intimately connected. They are both simply group of humans.

Businesses and societies are intimately connected. They are both simply group of humans.

We are all perhaps entering a new phase in our lives…

…in knowing and experiencing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the pandemic
…with great deal of curiosity and perhaps more tenderness
…wanting to hold each other closer as humans

…because all the ramifications of the last year or so has yet to be felt.

When we use the term ‘apocalypse’ we do not mean the cultural biblical word ‘cataclysm.’ We use it in its true meaning, being “uncovering.”

There is an uncovering occurring. The emergence of a new cross generational human future with loving, care and kindness; what a difference it has been over the last year. It has been an incredible journey with a roller coaster of emotions…

…to pause and breathe
…to know yourself and others
…to walk towards self-care and self-compassion
…to rise and fall again, and
…to remain curious

There is something liberating about ‘inheriting’ and ‘sending forth’, ‘not holding on’, and simply ‘letting go.’ The year which has just passed, with so many transitions and voluminous transformation, with such shifts and turmoil. What a opportunity we have in identifying new pathways for a desirable environmental and societal change.

Our consciousness and interconnectivity towards this vulnerable and courageous journey leads us to realise an uncomfortable truth…

…we lost so many lives
…we lost jobs and the well-being of our loved ones
…we have struggled to manage health care systems

all of which made us...

…experience pain and grief
…experience anger and rage
...experience the 'new normal'
…experience what being caged feels like.

The year 2020 has acted like a ‘before’ and ‘after’. It feels like that because of what it revealed about the common fate of humanity. We were all battling this common enemy in the coronavirus and at the same time the death of George Floyd. Whilst it might feel like a sudden shift, this moment was generations in the making — that the response — the shift from the term “Black Lives Matter” being controversial in 2014 to it being chanted globally in 2020, was just such a tremendous movement — not just a shift, but an entire worldview change that we saw unfolding before us.

While considering all these facts, when we pause just here, for this moment. When we realize how fragile and mortal we are. To know we are here now and one day we are not going to be, gives us the breadth of experience through the course of our life, the insight into just how precious and finite and short life can be. And so the question then becomes, if our time on Earth is not guaranteed, it’s OK to just do what we can do while we’re here and enjoy it while we have it.

When we see the future unfolding, in knowing and understanding how the change is taking place right in front of our eyes, many of us want to hold each other tight, but we also want to let go, because the fear of unknown is very real.

We all feel that things are shifting and no one can predict how quickly the walls will fall down and how the world will upend and change perhaps so transformatively. In our cognitive dissonance we all realise that we can't stop or resist these changes, but can only adapt to them. Change is inevitable, scary and yet beautiful. There are layers, uncovering, there's nuance to these changes in and amongst the crisis.

...but what we must not forget is

...we must love
...we must laugh
...we must live

...our lives to the fullest.

There is nothing more beautiful than to understand and to deeply acknowledge that we are here, we are here in this present moment. And when we are mindful of this very fact, we became aware of the present and let go of the judgement that reside inside us. When we try to learn and identify our emotions and feelings as data we uncover our true selves, we see the vulnerable, fathomable, beautiful, courageous human being we are.

When we build a connection, a space where we are truly heard, seen and valued, and are being received as we are, we plant, seed and nurture this transformation in our humanity. We are trying to create a space where we become who we truly are rather than what we think we are.

We are trying to nurture... to have difficult conversations to understand our emotions to accept mortality to live with grief, and to uncover our true selves

Real transformation across generations can only take place, when we chose courageousness over our comfort. When we chose to show up, and be seen and ask for what we need...

...Because like Brene Brown says;

"Connection is why we are here, it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives."

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