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Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions...

Perrin Carey

21 April 2020 at 09:00:00

We make thousands of decisions a day in our businesses.

We make thousands of decisions a day in our businesses. Do we even know how many? Have we stopped - paused, just for a moment to think?

How many decisions do we make at work a day?

Ten, twenty, a hundred, two hundred?

Do we buy this many soap bars?
Does this advert demonstrate our brand?
Which customers are most vulnerable?
How shall we deal with this supplier?
Does this email say what I mean?

Let’s say fifty. You have 30 employees.

That’s 1500 decisions a day, 30,000 a month and 360,000 a year.

Decision making is a key element in ensuring good governance.
Decision making is critically important.

You need three things to be sure of good decision making:
1. High quality, valid and reliable information
2. Effective, smooth and timely information flow, and
3. Experienced, well informed and quality decision makers

It would be incredulous to believe that in any of our decisions, as individuals, as organisations, as the ‘earth’ collective, if any of these three are in question that the outcome of our decision would be good.

If we want to shift towards improving our governance, we need to work hard at these three things.

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