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Inclusivity with diversity

Inclusivity with diversity

Divya M

22 November 2023 at 10:00:00


What do these terms mean?

Do we really understand the vitality that exists behind each of these terms and what they bring?
Do they really matter?
Are they important for us?

When we see,

Organisations around us,
Community around us,
People around us...

...we often see differences or biasness in terms of racism, ethnicity, nationality, national origin, disabilities or different abilities in our society, in our workplaces and sadly everywhere, which is distressing.

Perhaps it is time for us to bring more consciousness towards "inclusivity with diversity".

Focusing on this part is vital because organisations can have hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds collectively, but they still may not feel included; and if they are not feeling included then that is not leveraging the power of diversity.

Inclusivity is something where you can create the space in the environment where one can express, can bring ideas and creativity to the table, where you are not only welcomed but also involved.

So, inclusivity when brought together with diversity, matters because that allows one individual to feel valued, 'being seen', and there is a sense of belonging which comes with inclusivity because it's just not a matter of feeling welcomed but feeling valued that matters.

In a Brene Brown podcast Aiko Bethea says:

"When inclusion and diversity work together it brings the harness into force where we discover innovation though the creations of psychological safety."

And Brene herself says, "True belonging doesn't require you to change who you are, it requires us to be who we are."

If we are to work towards real and long lasting diversity and inclusion, we need to ensure both are evident and that within a framework of equality.

If we manage this, we will nurture organisations where humans are valued equally...and society will benefit.

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