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Risk changes more quickly than we think

Risk changes more quickly than we think

Perrin Carey

18 June 2020 at 09:00:00

The visibility and monitoring of risk is critical to all businesses. The challenge we face, of course, is what's a risk today will not necessarily be a risk tomorrow.

Some risks are not worth taking...

...and others are simply not risks at all, but we feel like they should be.

We manage risks constantly in our own lives, avoiding some, ignoring a few and accepting many.

Our methods of risk management change over time, through developing experience. Those we accepted as a young child will not necessarily be embraced so quickly as an adult, perhaps.

But also, some risks will simply change, what was risky in 1980 might simply not be an issue in 2022 and vice versa.

What’s critical, what’s vitally important is that we recognise which ones have changed, which ones require more thought, now, than they did in 1982.

A ford ahead may not be a risk in dry weather, but this could be different in the current UK October we are experiencing.

As a business, the constant monitoring of our risks; regulatory, reputational, market, product and financial is key to securing a stable, sustainable and long term commercial future.

Risk management is managing our possibilities to maximise our opportunities.

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